Grand Finale


Grand Finale will be released as a workshop module on September 29nd – and to make sure you have everything you need to implement this workflow in your own business and start bringing in higher-quality clients on autopilot.


I’ve always said that the best form of advertising is referrals. Word of mouth referrals come from people who not only respect you as a business owner, but also understand the value of the service or product your business provides.
We should (of course!) be our own biggest advocate on promoting ourselves and our business… but far too often, this piece slips through the cracks because of the numerous other competing interests on our plate as business owners – myself included.
So how can we advocate better for ourselves to bring in more clients and more revenue, which then comes full circle on additional word of mouth referrals?
We need to have a system in place to make the offboarding process a more efficient and – you guessed it – automated process!
Introducing: Grand Finale!
We don’t often talk about client offboarding, but it’s an essential step when it comes to boosting your brand and attracting new clients, as well as protecting your business from future liability.
Offboarding tasks include getting testimonials that you can showcase on your website or turn into case studies, as well as gathering feedback from clients that you can use to improve your services.
When it’s done right, this process transforms your satisfied clients into raving fans who keep coming back – and refer you to all their friends! We all want to be that amazing freelancer everyone seems to be talking about in the Facebook groups… a well-executed offboarding process will have your Facebook notifications ringing off the hook!
These tasks are SO easy to forget once you’ve completed the scope of the project for your client – which is why setting up an effective offboarding process is essential in ensuring that you don’t skip this important step and miss out on helping your clients become your best fans!
(And hey – did you know that the offboarding process also involves relinquishing access to files and data so that you won’t be held liable for any future mishandling? Yep, we’ll go over all of that too, so you’ll know exactly what steps to take to protect your business!)
Over the past few weeks, I’ve released the first three parts in a series of workshops I’ve designed to make your life easier and more efficient as a business owner, and we’re now on to the final part of our series: Part 4!
(If you haven’t caught the previous workshops, no worries—there is still time to grab them!)
In these four workshops, I walk you through the steps of creating and implementing processes to free up time… and at the end of the day, leave you with more efficiency and more money!
Are you ready to be your best advocate in your business?!…. Click Add to cart to sign up for the Referrals On Repeat Workshop! I can’t wait to get started!


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